All You Need to Know about the All-on-4 Dental Treatment

When you have missing teeth, your dental health and self-confidence can take a blow. So you rush to the dentist who immediately suggests dental implants for crowns and veneers. This works effectively when you have just one or two missing teeth.
But what do you do when you have a number of missing teeth? After all fixing the gaps with individual implants, veneers and crowns can be a painful and tedious, needless to mention an expensive affair.
Usually, loss of all or most of one’s teeth is accompanied by a loss of the jaw bone which means that reconstruction of the jaw bone is needed for multiple implants. In this case, surgeons often need to transplant bone from other parts of the body onto the jaw. This is a complex procedure that is often not possible for older patients who suffer from health concerns such as diabetes.
Alternately, one could try dentures but those can be rather unsightly. They also do not restore full functionality of the teeth and require additional care.
The All-on-4 dental treatment offers a viable treatment for loss of teeth. It eliminates the need for bone grafting and multiple implants and is a smart alternative to dentures.
It is a cost-efficient solution that enables a dentist to fit you with a fixed full-arch dental prosthesis with a minimum of twelve teeth in a single day, using just 4 implants.
The benefits of this procedure are numerous.
1. Using just four implants the dentist can attach an entire arched dental prosthesis.
2. You can use your new set of teeth immediately
3. The procedure can be completed in a single day
4. Because the procedure uses available bone, it negates the need for bone grafting.
5. The procedure is cost effective and far less expensive that crowning or veneers for multiple teeth.
6. It ensures rapid improvement to the patient’s quality of life.

Benefits of All-on-4 over dentures
• A dental bridge is a permanent solution that is far more effective than opting for dentures. In this case, it offers a patient a fully function set of teeth that don’t just look but also work just like natural teeth.
• It offers you the freedom to eat and drink what you want, include foods that are hard or difficult to chew.
• Because they are permanent they do not have to be removed like dentures at the end of the day making them easy to maintain.

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