Dentzz Dental Introduces Digital Smile Design Services in India

Dentzz Dental India is proud to pioneer the Digital Smile Design Technology in India. While bringing state of the art technology to the country is something that Dentzz has always prided itself on, our recent adoption of Digital Smile Design technology is one that provides visible benefits to our patients.

What is Digital Smile Design Technology?

Digital Smile Design or DSD is a conceptual protocol used to restore or enhance a patient’s smile. An ethical solution, it involves the patient as a “co-designer” of their treatment by allowing them to express their desires and expectations in pursuit of a shared objective.

This is facilitated by an array of photos and videos taken at several steps of the process, which ensures that the dentist and patient are always in sync. This results in a dentist being able to create a natural, confident and stunning smile for the patient.

At the heart of the process is the analysis of the patient’s facial and dental proportions which are taken using high quality digital photographs and videos. The relationship between the teeth, gums, lips and the overall facial proportions of the patient are studied in depth in order to determine the right steps that must be taken. Digital drawings are then made in order to ensure clear communication between the dentist and the patient. The overall process results in an aesthetically and functionally superior smile.

What are the Benefits of Digital Smile Design Technology?

  • It provides enhanced diagnostic abilities using detailed extra and intra oral aesthetic and structural evaluation.
  • It enables better communication between the dental team as well as between patient and doctor as it provides enhanced visual perceptions and education.
  • As the patients are able to visualise the final outcome at Dentzz Dental, it also acts as added motivation to opt for the procedure.
  • It facilitates increased clinical efficiency and predictability of outcomes by leveraging digital technology.

What does it mean for the patients?

  • Digital smile technology allows you to clearly judge the final outcome and ensure that it is to your liking before you even begin the procedure.
  • It ensures that the final outcome works well within the framework of your overall face structure.
  • It ensures that you benefit from the most natural and aesthetically pleasing smile possible at Dentzz Dental.

With DSD at Dentzz Dental, you can be rest assured that you will love the final outcome. Any partial or complete smile makeover will now be seamless and a process you can undertake without any doubts as what the final smile will be like. Our patients are calmer, happier and feel more in control of the entire process, putting them at ease in the dentist’s chair. DSD is not just a superior process but a more humane approach to dentistry that puts the patient at the forefront of dental care.

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